Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Oh, Summer

It's still Summer in Iowa, despite the troubling lack of blog posts and the dwindling days until all our fellow students return.

But it's definitely still Summer.
In fact, yesterday we used the air conditioners for the first time: it was beautiful.
In other news, we've been keeping up our usual routines,

here are some beautiful dried cherry bran muffins I made a few weeks ago for our weekly Craft Time. friends came by and sewed and knitted with us, and we all ate muffins and scones (by Mallory, sadly not pictured) and drank tea from matching cups.

Moreover, with the intense heat we've been having, we've been trying to use the stove less and the oven almost never.
It's hard, I have a definite urge to bake some beer bread, but we've been coming up with more creative, no-cook dishes.
My favorite recently has been this quinoa and black bean salad from I added halved cherry tomatoes from our community garden. I'm in love with those cherry tomatoes-- in my life, I have never tasted a more flavorful tomato.

It rained, so it's cooled somewhat. As much as we love this Summer, we are looking forward to fall, which we anticipate to include leg warmers and homemade bread. Sounds about perfect.