Thursday, June 14, 2007

job perks

These flowers just started blooming near the railroad tracks. I picked one while I was walking my mail route. They might have been blooming earlier, but I didn't see them while I was whizzing by on my bike. I should walk more often.

My job is pretty nice. Mostly, I get paid to sit in the air conditioning reading books, magazines, and craft blogs, and three times a day I take a short walk around campus. While I was walking by today, a construction worker asked me if I was enjoying the (hot) weather. I said yes, and he said "I wish I were!" I'm glad that my job isn't lifting windows and pouring concrete, because I wouldn't be able to enjoy the heat at all.

And my boss baked us cookies. What a good day.


Erin said...

You guys should update more. It's fun.

Victoria said...

Nice flower; nice cookies, Mallory.