Monday, June 25, 2007

weekend project

Last Friday was a good day for crafts.
Among other things, thanks to the Make Magazine Weekend Projects podcast, I learned how to fuse plastic, and I put to good use some of the millions of plastic grocery bags the previous tenants left in the kitchen cupboard:

I'm really excited about the result.
So that's my new durable grocery bag, hanging in its place next to some of our aprons and my mother's cloth poster, Vignobles de France.

The rest of the weekend was spent trying to think of other uses for fused plastic, here's what we came up with:
Shower curtains (checkerboard pattern)
Grill cover for wet-weather grilling
Rain bonnet


Victoria said...

Great looking bags! I want to learn how to fuse plastic so I can make use of all those wasteful objects.

Show me how...

Thanks for the credit on the Vignobles...I was just about to say...

Victoria said...

So, still no instruction manual on fusion (bags, not bombs).