Friday, July 6, 2007

rhubarb love

I got some rhubarb from the farmers' market yesterday, and baked some delicious rhubarb scones.

Unfortunately, all I have is a mac-cam picture. The rhubarb pieces looked really pretty, though, sitting in the bowl coated in sugar. Jewel-colored and sparkly, kind of like those bead-encrusted fruits that some people hang on Christmas trees or put in bowls around the holidays.


Adam said...

Oh, you made some delicious rhubarb scones, did you? I seem to recall someone taking a phone call while I did everything but chop the rhubarb. Hmm? Hmmmmmmm?

Mal said...

Oh shut up. Go get your own blog, and then you can post all you want about the scones you make.

Radical Planter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adam said...

Hold on a minute, muchacho. When you lie in your blog, and I object, the proper response is not "Get your own blog."

The proper response is "Oops, sorry, I'll fix that now."